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High ropes courses.

These take many forms, dynamic to static, poles to trees, stand alone, 2 poles to 20! Once you decide what kind of course you are after then you need to choose what elements you need, elements is just our terminology for the ropes, wood and cable that are built between poles or trees for the participant to traverse or ascend.

Low Courses

As with the high course there are many low course elements you can choose from. We tend to find that clients either go for a continuous course where one challenge leads directly on to the next, or individual elements that are built so each one is use more as a group initiative.

Flying fox’s

These are strange beast, they look easy enough to build, but are the exact opposite! Once again you are spoilt for choice, you can have a fox that goes 50 meter or 500 meters. We try to use the natural contours of the land this hopefully requires less construction on the take off platform and try to use a gravity break system, this is because it give the smoothest ride and best of all is free and reusable!!

Climbing towers

Only limited by your imagination and budget. These are a great tool for teaching participants belaying techniques. Personal development is achieved through pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone. A wall can have 2-20 participants all being involved, climbing, belaying, or just cheering on other team members.


Other popular elements that are requested regularly are,

  • Giants Swings
  • Assault Courses
  • Indoor climbing walls